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Song by Prima J

Rock your body

Rock, rock your body (repeat 3 more times)
Who like to party


Gotta get up off the wall

Gotta get down on the floor
Gotta lotta what they want

But they gotta jump

Gotta get up off the wall
Gotta get down on the floor

Gotta lotta what they want
But they gotta jump

Bass bumpin', people jumpin' to the beat

Everybody's groovin', got this party on its feet
I got the DJ rockin'

B-boys clockin'
Fakers jockin'

All in my scene
So if you came to get down

Get out 'cha seat
Let's get it started

Play your part it
Ain't that hard just

Follow my lead
If you still don't get it, yo "J"

Tell 'em what I mean
Now pop till you can't no more

We got the style so hot it's incredible
Do the whip to the whop to the candy store

We won't stop till you had enough
Uh, Get up on the dance floor

Clap your hands to the beat like Simon says, boy
Got the heat that'll make you feel joy

Run it back, 2 steps to the beat, uh

If you know that you're hot

Let's see what you got
Set fire to the floor, gonna burn it up

If you're only gonna come halfway
Don't even come at all

Because the people wanna see you
Bring it on before the end of this song

Just feel the music
Let your body rock to it

And do it, do it, do it
So if you know you're fly

Then it's the time
To show the people how it's done

I said feel the music, let your body rock to it
And do it, do it, do it

Rock ya body, who like to party

Throw your hands up and don't hurt nobody
We just came to party wit you

And raise 'em up high if you like to do too
So rush to the dance floor

Rock it, rock it, pop it, pop it
Show the people what they came for

Drop it, drop it
You can't top it


I move so

Bionic, supersonic, hypnotic
On the floor

And when we
Flaunt it, they try to cop it

And everybody knows
We can move it, rock it

Pop it, lock it, drop it down low
So while you're sitting on the sidelines

Take notes from Prima J, you know
Watch us rock and roll it

Reggaetone it
Hip-hop it, you know that's it's on

We came to party
And won't leave till the party's done

Gotta lotta moves, gotta lotta skillz

Got the right things to pay the right bills
Who wanna battle the best

I take all down
Who step up next

What you hear is not a test
We came out to rock wit you

So that's what we're gonna do
Just make your body move

To the left, to the left

To the right, to the right
To the back, to the back

To the back, to the back
Now shuffle, shuffle

Shuffle, shuffle
Now slide, slide

Slide, slide
Chorus x2

[Thanks to Victoria for lyrics]

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