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Lyte as a Rock - Lyrics

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Song by MC Lyte

I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 3X]

Do you understand the metaphoric phrase 'Lyte as a Rock?'
It's explaining, how heavy the young lady is

You know what I'm saying King?
[King of Chill]

Yes my brother, but I would consider 'Lyte as a Rock'
a simile because of the usage of the word 'as'

And now.. directly from the planet of Brooklyn
MC Lyte -- as a Rock!

[MC Lyte]

Must I say it again, I said it before
Move out the way when I'm comin through the door

Me, heavy? As Lyte as a Rock
Guys watch, even some of girls clock

Step back, it ain't that type of party
No reply if you ain't somebody

Get out my face, don't wanna hear no more
If you hate rejection, don't try to score

First base? You ain't got what it takes
You smile, you wink, you big fake flake

You're so pathetic you make my stomach turn
You beg, you borrow, now you have to learn

I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 2X]
[MC Lyte]

Lyte as a Rock, or I should say a boulder
Rolling down your neck, pounding on your shoulders

Never shall I be an emcee, called a wannabe
I am the Lyte, L-Y-T-E

This is the way it is, don't ever forget
Hear the rhyme by someone else and you know they bit

All in the way, just little obstacles
Chew em up, spit em out, just like popsicles

Suckers out of my way, we're not on the same wavelength
I show stability, potential and strength

On the other hand, you are weak and unruly
Could never be a spy, cause you're just a plain stoolie

I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 2X]
[MC Lyte]

I'm a slave, I'm a slave, I'm a slave to the rhythm
Def rhymes on the micraphone is what I'm givin

Yes I am a Rock and you are just a pebble
Milk turn up the base, and Rock adjust the levels

If a rap can paint a thousand words then I can paint a million
Wait, Lyte is capable of paintin a bazillion raps

So when I say it, this is what I mean
Audio Two an alliance on the scene

and I'd like to say whassup to my producer King of Chill
Party people are you ready, jam if you will

Never underestimate Lyte the Emcee; I am a rapper who is here
to make the things the way they're meant to be

The World Ultimate, I'm here to take the title
but I had a little trouble upon, my arrival

But I got rid of those who, tried to rock me
Lyte is here, no one can stop me

I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 2X]
[MC Lyte]

There are Hip-Hop leaders, this you know
We also have, hip-hoppers that follow

By the tone of my voice, you can tell I am a scholar
I'm also the leader of the hip-hop followers

Now get this, I'm at a jam and I'm rockin it
Suckers like a checkerboard, when black is clockin it

The grace as I ease across the stage
Bars around the audience, sort of like a cage

They laugh, cause they assume I'm in prison
but in reality, they're locked in

Once again I'll state that I can't be stopped
cause yo, I am as Lyte, as, Rock!

I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 6X]
I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 4X]
I am the Lyte "a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock" L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E

[repeat 4X to fade]
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