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Going In For Life - Lyrics

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I'on think they really ready for my wardrobe
I show up rite before the store clothes
And blow the feed from my last 4 shows
I do 1 song & use 4 flows
She use to be a christian before...
But now all she wanna do is shop for Christian Dior clothes,
Like baby those are cute I adore those
Me & the salesman build a reporso
He understands tha fact that I'm spending all sure doe
Cash only, transactions homie,
And please no receipts the feds like to explore those
They can't audit if they dnt know I bought it
I been doin this for yrs homie, thoroughly I thought it
Thru, what it do? I am currently recorded on a track & made most of my currency's imported
We're too late now, too legitimate to hit 'em with
Lawsuits even if they're crimes that I did commit
Repeat offender, Anita Baker, playin' in the whip as they pull me over my sweet surrender
I gotta jewish lawyer as my lead defender
A mis kite as they say is a legal bender
And ATF is present every legal memeber
The coalition, is so officient
You have to be invited or there's no admission
We know tradition
We spend money so dnt try to make Compete if you're in no position
I wish you would listen,
I take you back to this trial
Where I am about to be home again like New Edition
My foot is solely fit for this shoe it fits in
Use to record in a basement that rennie gru was pimpin
When pops turned over the keys like a new ignition
If Hov is Jordan, I guess I'm cool with pimpin'
'til I met janette I wanna play a new position
No team playin', no screen settin'
Because I wanna win games, coach I'm through assistin'
The take over, the break's over, NIGGA
And I'm a keep killin' em until the day tht Drake's over
The wait's over, the tape's coming
They bullshittin' but I'm a comer w. great plumbing
The human mentality's so eager to hate somethingg
I try to play it off like it ain't jumpin'
And it's the predicament that you found Drake in
They collo that I just purchased is sound vacant
'cause I have just been sittin' in this cell
Thinkin' what I coulda done to make my first video ground breaking
And whenever I'm flowing on the mic,
Aside from the d I'm throwin' in ya' wife
I treat this one session as if it was my last
And I pretend tomorrow is the day I'm going in for life...

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