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The man with the plastic suns - Lyrics

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My daddy played in a vegas band, he made an alright decent living playing big band standards for business men and their paid asian escorts.
Till he started up gambling and in one hand lost 50 grand, bet it all on four kings but somebody had aces.
They called him the man with the plastic suns rumored to kill cops just for fun, or made a fortune scamming old ladies in nursing homes.
Oh the man with the plastic suns, invents diseases just for fun, oh he blackmailes rainbows to turn into nooses.
So I dropped out of high school and got a job selling phones at the mall.
But I could make twice as much money taking my shirt off at the cocktail bar.
My daddy pawned all his guitars but he was still 30000 short, then one day three rancid ruthless men broke down the door.
First they butchered his whole right hand, oh he never played trumpet again, pay up by Friday or we're coming back for your cock and your kneecaps.
He----y give us our money or we'll break your f**king legs---lets race to the desert
He=y I could use a stiff drink, or just some time to think�lets race the badlands lets race the ocean.

My daddy stopped leaving the house, and he drank and he drank and he drank, stayed up all night talking to pictures of my dead mother,
Then I found him in the basement smashing tv's on the cement filling swimming pools gasoline and drawings of angels.
Oh mr plastic suns wont you have some mercy on me
Oh mr plastic suns wont you let my poor daddy be.
Hey give us our money or we'll break your f**king legs lets race the desert
Hey I could use a stiff drink or just some time to think lets race the badlands
Hey you walk into a postcard of somewhere in London
Hey theres a loft party down the street music dripping down from the trees bass blazing tranquilizing beats voices of people you'd like to meet

So I took a pistol and put on a low cut shirt,
Found the man with the plastic suns at the crap table and started to flirt.

Hey a man was shot today took six bullets to the face
Hey the rumour on the street is that the suspect is sixteen
Hey the man with the plastic sun was pronounced dead on arrival
Hey and an ex musician hung himself in a suburban attic yeah the desert is laughing the desert is mourning
Thanks to razvan
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