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The Wild... Gotham
The Wild-West!
Haha! Riiiiide...

I'm ready for the showdown, that go down at one.
Sweat on my brow - let's settle it now
I'm a show you how real Cowboys get down
I'm polishin' gold, waitin' for this drama to unfold
I got a "blunt" rolled.
Feelin' bold, gangsters blood runs cold
It's time to reload this old .45 Colt
The wind's gusty, it's hot, muggy and dusty
Bust a couple shots, make sure I'm not Rusty.
It's passed noon, he should be here soon
Sip a little moonshine - inside a Saloon.
All of a sudden I can hear the sound of hoofs
Sounds like a thousand wolves
I cock back! Put the toast in the holster and froze
I pose like a poster, he's closer than close.
I hold the heat sturdy, I heard he fight's dirty
But I'm a put thirty inside him and leave early
And just when I went to fill him with hot lead
I put the gun to his head, and this is what he said.

But I know you - the name's SLiM - you want revenge?
Then don't shoot, I'm in the same boots as you
I'm tellin' the truth! I got a price on my head too. - Cause when you...
You ride like a cowboy toward the sun,
And life ain't fun, when you're on the run.
Got your gold and you got your gun,
But life as an outlaw just begun.
Got your Shotgun by your side,
Got your horse and you got your pride.
You ride 'till there ain't no place to hide,
It's sad 'cause the bad guys always die!

He said take ten paces shit. I took eight
Spun around and I aimed straight for the brain
My "shit" went bang but it only fired a blank, he said

I put a clip in the gun, and pointed at his lungs.
We both drew at the same time and stood stunned
I figured he was tellin the truth, that's why I didn't shoot
So what we gon' do, it's on you

"The Chronic"!

Loaded up my saddle, got ready for battle
Hid two pieces of gold inside of my saddle
We rolled two miles until we hit the spot
An old ghost town that everybody forgot.
A place where they used to smoke chronic a lot
SLiM grabbed the Shotgun.
He's goin' around sayin' he took the game from us

But he ain't got no legs, they cut 'em off at the stomach
He's got mechanical legs, he spins webs
Plus he's well respected by the Hip-Hop heads.
Our mission - is to get him to stop layin' eggs
And we can put him on his back down a flight of steps.
Kicked the swingin' doors in, started gun slinging
I could hear somebody singin' - it sounded like a "G Thang, "
And a verse from "Keep Their Heads Ringin'"
I said "It's Dre's Day, " and started to spray
Against 1800, he pulls a AK.
Hollow tips started flyin' every which way

I fired the first shot - spun his body around
He hit the ground and landed upside down
Dre grabbed the map, the plaques and the gold
I grabbed two girlies and a blunt that's rolled.
Always die...
The Wild... Haha!
The Wild... West
Haha! Riiiiide...

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