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Good evening!
This is your fuckin' captain speaking!
We will soon be reaching an altitude of... 4 million and a half feet
That's 8 million miles in the sky!
Undo your seat belt for take off
You are now free to smoke about the cabin.

N.W.A from - back in the grave from
Chokin' a bitch to - smacking her face from
Stacking up bodies to - blacken they case up from.
Racking up hits to - stacking them crates up.
I'm still hungry and I'm back with a tapeworm!
And we was happening and rap entertainment,
Me and shady for us competition, faggot there ain't none! (EM: yeah!)

Chainsaw in hand bloodstain on my apron.
Soon as the blades spun vrun they run away from,
Who want to play dungeon no one is safe from!
In search of a brain surgeon the great one,
Wait it ain't funny man it's urgent I need one.
Two boxes of detergent and a paintgun,
And a emergency squirtgun to spray everyone.
So one more time for old time's sake!
Dre drop that beat! - And scratch that break!
Now just blow a little bit of that smoke my way
And let's go! (Tik-it! We're now smoking with the best, the best! Tik-it!)

I said one more time for old time's sake
Dre drop that beat! - And scratch that break!
Now just send a little bit of that smoke my way
And let's go! (Tik-it! we're now smoking with the best, the best! Tik-it!)
A nice environment!
Surprised, entirely hypnotized by the sound, I surround the hydrants
Taking lives of firemen
Say goodbye, here I am again. - Naked wives and Vicodin,
Before I begin to get so high, pussy boy I could spin.
Vin-vin! - Fuck the handle! I fly off the hinge!
Let the boy off the bench coach and throw it to him.
There he goes in his trench coat and them clothes again,
Baby make us some french toast and show us some skin.
I'll show you every inch girls of my foreskin,
Show me nipple, I pinch both and throw up a ten.
Now you know it's a sin to tease blow us again
The sorcerer of intercourse if it's forced it's him.
"Don't fight the feeling if you're feeling the force within
When you wake in the morning next to the porcelain! "

Where there's flames there's chronic - either you high or you ain't.
I got no time for no games. (Eminem: Nah-ah he ain't playing!)

I'm slightly insa-ne! - Vodka and Creatine
Hypnotic and Red Bull, it's an incredible energy drink.
And it's giving me wings! - I believe I can fly.
While I pee on the girl you won't catch me CSI!
It's as easy as pie! - And as simple as cake.
Dre get on the mic
And if you really want to get fucked up! - Just let me know!
We can smoke if there is no more lighter fluid to do it,
Let's get into it! - You smoking with the triedest and truest.
I got the Midas touch when it comes to rolling shit up
You muthafuckers ain't smoking, you just holding shit up!
Now here we go, let's get up, get down, hold up a blunt
I smoke the kind of stuff that makes the records go number one.
Cause if at first you don't succeed. - Won't hurt to smoke some weed.
Now them words are just a little more personal for me
Seeing as how - I blew up off puffing them trees

Come on smoke me up cause, get me contact buzz!
Get me on track, they love me when I'm on that stuff!
"But this is Earth calling Shady, man come on back! " (whaaaat?)
"Man we're losing him! He won't even respond back fuck!
Now look at all the pretty women in here. {Damn bitches! }
Dre it's hot I think we better go check on their temperatures.
I get the thermometer you get the bandages,
Now baby just bend over this won't hurt a damn bitness!
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