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Itís got to be noontime somewhere
But out here itís quarter to ten
And Iím well on my way to feeling no pain
Soon Iíll be Barstoned again
Barstoned again
Flat on the ground
Doiní nothiní but drinkiní since I got to this town
The porcelain goddess is waitiní for me
Canít decide whether to puke or to pee

Iím sittiní here sippin a cold one
I ought to be working, I know
After all of my dreaming and all of my scheming
Whoída thunk Iíd be drunk in Barstow
Barstoned again
Flat on my ass
Doiní nothiní but drinkiní since I quit smokiní grass
So line Ďem up Phill
Pour straight and clean
Point my ass toward the karaoke machine

My baby left town this morning
Got on the 9 oíclock train
My dog got the hiccups
Fell out of my pickup
Now Iím sitting here drowning my pain
Barstoned again
Flat on my face
Somehow Iíve gotta get out of this place
But happy hourís startiní
The hot dogs are free
And that blonde with the dentures is winkiní at me

Barstoned again
One of these days
Gonna put down the bottle
Come out of this haze
Someday weíre gonna break out, but Ďtill then
Letís head down to Whoos and get Barstoned again
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