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Believe me, I understand how you feel
I understa- I-... I'm TRYIN to, I'm tryin to do th-
I-, I t-... So, so now you gon' give me the pillow and the blanket, right?
So, so okay, so that's my cue to go downsta-
That-that's, that's me?
I'm on the couch? That's cool
I wanted to play Xbox on the big T.V. anyway!

WELLLL, did you really have to say that you gon' leave me?
(DAYUM!) Just 'cause I undressed and left my clothes on the floor
(You cold-blooded...) Everybody says that what we do ain't easy
(It ain't easy, baby!) But I know something's changed 'cause we ain't been here before

No need to cry, this is why
Let me tell you something, my love is true
It don't have to be so all or nothing
Just let it rock, to the top
Let me tell you something, it's me and you
It don't have to be so all or nothing

Seems this love affair is complicated
(And I'm) wondering why we're holding on
You want it this way (this way), I want it that way (that way)
Seems like baby, we can't agree (can't a-GREEEE...)
But baby, in the darkest night (night)
I'll always be by your side (side)
Ablaze, our love's on fire (fire)
(Brighter than the morning suuuuuuuuuuuuuuun...)
Whoa-oaa-aaah-oooooh... whoa-oaaa-ahh-ohhh...

Al-waaaays, com-innnng, home to yoooou...
(And you don't have to worry no more)
Al-waaaays, com-innnng, home to yoooou...
(Just wanna let you knooow...)

Yo, so you had another argument
And now your dreams and your fantasy's gone
Both of y'all thinkin it's the +End of the Road+
Wanna break like Nate, Mike, Shawn, and Wan'
Hold up, you ain't gotta live through such extremes
I understand my baby and just what she means
And even if we fight and call each other some names
It ain't the end of the world, it's just a part of the game, yaknahmsayin?

Let's go!
(Com-innnng, home to yoooou...)
Eh-heh-heh-heh, yeah...

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