Lyrics for Boozehounds From Hell by Steelpreacher

Boozehounds From Hell - Lyrics

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Whos that poser standing there between me and my beer?
I beat that bastard 1, 2, 3 for smalltalk Im not here

I down the glass, the shaking stops but that was not enough
Sorry folks but when Im sober Im a little rough

I order just another one, no wait better ten
Come on chick, hurry up, the shaking starts again

Addicted to the liquid gold

Drinking like hell, barfing as well

Boozehounds from hell we are called
So grab your ass and better beware

The Boozehounds from hell assault
A poser shows up in my bar and wants to hear some KORN

I drop my glass of whiskey now and laugh at him with scorn
"You wanna be a metal head, maybe I can assist

Metal reigns supreme you Fuck, the rest tells you my fist"
After some more Whiskeys my bladders filled again

I try my best but its in vain I can not hit the can
Splashing all my liquid gold
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