Lyrics for The Last Hope by DRAKE

The Last Hope - Lyrics

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I gotta make it out, or move quickly
Can't allow the past to restrict me
Bet this time around they won't skip me
I am the last hope
Don't hesitate not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
I'm on the front lines with my weapon
I am the last hope

Can you I-magine the last breath of Christ?
The last breath of Christopher Wallace on that faithful night
The last step that Martin Luther took as a man
I got the power of my world in my hand
The microphone brings life and death in the blink of an eye
I was born to provoke those born to die
I was conceived to beat all odds like Las Vegas
T-dot motherfucker watch the world rape us
Greatest strugglers hustle to succeed
Cross border smugglers tussle to burn weed
It means that pressure of success in the south
Niggas watchin' what I say magnifying my mouth
I never take back talk I apply the force
Hand blistering from many years of holdin' the torch
When the skin rebuilds it grows tougher than leather
So we can keep on holdin' it forever
My names Kardinall

Jealousy's suttin I haven't felt for years
There's nobody around for me to be jealous of
I bet you do a show in my city and no one cheers
Even if you make the music that ladies and fellas love and dove
I'm incredible fuckin' unforgettable
And when it comes to records
I will eat it if it's edible
They say the futures always foreseen
That's why I'm steady getting more money, more cream
My flow is stuck in the moment that comes before dreams
I stay avoiding unlucky like 14
And people get behind 'I'm and they fight for 'I'm
'Cause he won't let no other niggas write for 'I'm
And even when it's quite warm
The attitude coursing through the veins of my city is a ice storm
The name Drake and I don't take it for granted
I just take it you offended 'cause I'm taking advantage mayne
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