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Come on, hey hey, we goin' to the beach Grab a couple of toys and let dada strap you in the car seat. Where's Mama? She's takin' a little nap in the trunk, Oh, that smell, dada must have run over a skunk. Now I know what you're thinkin' It's kind of late to go swimmin' But you know your mama, she's one of those types of women- Who does crazy things, and if she don't get her way, she'll throw a fit, Don't play with daddy's toy knife, honey, let go of it And don't be so upset, why you actin' bashful? Don't you wanna help dadda build a sand castle? And mama said she wants to show how far she can float, And don't worry about that little boo-boo on her throat It's just a little scratch it don't hurt, Her was eatin' dinner while you was sleepin' and spilled ketchup on her shirt Mama's messy, isn't she, we'll let her wash off in the water And me and you can play by ourselves, can't we? Just the two of us (sung) repeat 8-9 times There's a place called heaven and a place called hell, A place called prison and a place called jail, And dada's probably on his way to all of 'em except one, 'Cause mama's got a new husband and a stepson And you don't want a brother do ya? (Na) Maybe when you're old enough to understand a little better, I'll explain it to ya. But for now we'll just say that mama was real, real bad She was bein' mean to dad and made him real, real mad But I still feel sad that I put her in time out, Sit back in your chair honey, quit tryin' to climb out I told you it's okay, hey hey, wanna baba? Take a night-night, nana-boo, goo-goo ga-ga Humma goo-goo caca, dad'll change your dighty, Clean the baby up so her can take a nighty-nighty. You're dad'll wake her up as soon as we get to the water, '97 Bonnie and Clyde, me and my daughter. Just the two of us (sung) Wake up sleepy head we're here, Before we play, we're gonna take mama for a little walk along the pier. Baby, don't cry honey, don't get the wrong idea, Mama's too sleepy to hear you screamin' in her ear, That's why you can't get her to wake, But don't worry, dada made a nice bed for mama at the bottom of the lake, Here, you wanna help dada tie a rope around this rock? We'll tie it to her footsies then will roll her off the dock. Ready now, here we go, on the count of three, One, two, three...weeeeeeeeee There goes mama splashin' in the water, No more fightin' your dad, no more restrainin' order, No more step dada, no more new brother, Blow her kisses bye-bye, tell mama you love her, We'll go play in the sand, build a castle and junk, But first, just help dad with two more things out the trunk, Just the two of us (sung)
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