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1985 - Lyrics

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Now here's a little story, again and again
About your two favorite rappers, who grew up as friends
1985, oh, that year was so live
Cool like a summer pool, we ready to dive
Into the water swimming, talking to the women
Bopping heads to the beat, wag your feet to the rhythm
1, 9, 8, 5, two fresh MC's and we ready to ride
80's baby, dope fashion for the ladies
We tearing it down, no ifs, ands and maybes
Lately, I've been feeling real old school
Bring rap back to New York, show you how to rip it, fool
Show you how to kill a tool, show you how to make the rule
Breaking the law, left jabs breaking your jaw
Breaking the floor, making it shake
Pulsate like migraines, make your body vibrate

Aiyo, Mouse, got that, full body in motion
The mysteries like species in the deep ocean
Check the commotion, when we start approaching
Coasting, burn it up like bread that be toasting
I'm hosting, premium hip hop, crush ya'll when this drops
Evade wack MC's when they lick shots
This rocks, the floor that you stand on
How do you feel now that your man's gone?
You damn wrong, don't incriminate, I discriminate
Who's the next bitch I gotta eliminate?
I take questions, I don't take answers
Flows from this, spin on head like break dancers
I'm that, speed shifter, five speed ripper
Making you slide across the floor like Japanese drifters
1985, I stay keeping this shit alive
I spit out information quickly like hard drives

I don't think you ready for the sequel
First you hear Mouse, then you hear the Cno
But, don't be scared, just be prepared
The best MC's, always come in pairs
We don't dance, we stand against the wall
Bop our heads, you looking stupid on the dance floor
Now, you wanted a bounce? Well, you got it
Bite this beat, steal it, rob it
Break dance, graffiti, DJ, MC
Or just stand back, look and see
Real fast, we run laps on these tracks
To the left, to the right, to the front, to the back
Listen clear, it's that time of the year
Grab your boom box and put this to your ear
20 years in the making, hip hop, we taking
Rodentz be real, everyone else is faking

One move, two step on the dance floor
I look closely, so I can see my chance for
Making you bounce til your knees get sore
You hear this beat, wondering what it's for
Now I don't want no one, to get so hurt
Blame me when they start to split the shirt
Panic when they see me come on the mic
I keep thumbs up like you trying to hitch a hike
Now this might feel good to your feet
Where's that AC at, you can't take this heat
Every step I take, catch the concrete
Bop your head, so you can stay on the beat
Bounce to this, and you can bounce to that
I'm Mouse, man, I don't need to fuck with a rat
Got your blood like the USSR, 'Russian'
All you bitch ass haters, need to keep it hushing
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