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Eminem - No Love feat Lil Wayne

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower
But itís ďfuck the worldĒ, get a child out her
Yeah, my life a bitch, but you know nothing bout her
Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers
Iím rolling Sweets, Iím smoking sour
Married to the game but she broke her vows
Thatís why my bars are full of broken bottles
And my night stands are full of open Bibles
I think about more than I forget
But I donít go around fire expecting not to sweat
And these nigg*s know I lay them down, make them beg
Bitches try to kick me while Iím down. Iíll break your leg
Money outweighing problems on the triple beam
Iím sticking to the script, you niggas skipping scenes
Be good or be good at it
Fucking right Iíve got my gun, semi-Cartermatic
Yeah, put a dick in their mouth, so I guess itís ďfuck what they sayĒ
Iím high as a bitch: up, up and away
Man, I come down in a couple of days
OK, you want me up in the cage, then Iíll come out in beast mode
I got this world stuck in the safe, combination is the G-code
Itís Weezy motherfucker, blood gang and Iím in bleed mode
All about my do' but I donít even check the peephole
So you can keep knocking but wonít knock me down
No love lost, no love found
[Hook - Eminem & Lil Wayne]
Itís a little too late to say that youíre sorry now
You kicked me when I was down
F-ck what you say, just (donít hurt me, donít hurt me no more)
Thatís right bitch: and I donít need you, donít want to see you
Bitch you get (no love)
You show me nothing but hate
You ran me into the ground
But what comes around goes around
I donít need you (donít hurt me)
You (donít hurt me no more)
Thatís right, and I donít need you, donít want to see you
You get (no love)
Bitch you get (no love)
And I donít need you
Get em

[Verse 2 - Eminem]
Iím alive again
More alive than I have been in my whole entire life
I can see these peopleís ears perk up as I begin
To spaz with the pen, Iím a little bit sicker than most
Shitís finna get thick again
They say the competition is stiff
But I get a hard dick from this shit, now stick it in
I ainít never giving in again
Caution to the wind, complete freedom
Look at these rappers, how I treat them
So why the fuck would I join them when I beat them
They call me a freak because
I like to spit on these pussies fore I eat them
Man get these whack cocksuckers off stage
Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?
Snatch the mic from him, bitch Iímma let you finish in a minute
Yeah the rap is tight
But Iím bout to spit the greatest verse of all time
So you might want to go back to the lab tonight and um
Scribble out them rhymes you were going to spit
And start over from scratch and write new ones
But Iím afraid that it ainít gonna make no difference
When I rip this stage and tear it in half tonight
Itís an adrenaline rush as you feel the bass thump
In the place all the way to the parking lot, fellow
Set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd
You can see the sparks from hot metal
Cold-hearted from the day I Bogarted the game
I self started a roc-fellow
When Iím not even in my harshest
You can still get roasted cause Marsh is not mellow
Til Iím toppling from the top Iím not going to stop
Iím standing on my Monopoly board
That means Iím on top of my game and it donít stop
Til my hip donít hop anymore
When you so good that you canít say it
Cause it ainít even cool for you to sound cocky anymore
People just get sick cause you spit
These fools canít drool or dribble a drop anymore
And you can never break my stride
You never slow the momentum at any moment Iím about to blow
Youíll never take my pride
Killing the flow, slow venom and the opponent
Is getting no mercy, mark my words
Ainít letting up, relentless
I smell blood, I donít give a f-ck: keep giving them hell
Where was you when I fell and needed help up?
You get no love
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