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Talkin 2 Myself - Lyrics

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(feat. Kobe)


Ayo Before I start this song man
I just want to thank everybody for being so patient

And baring with me over these last couple of years
While I figure this shit out

[Chorus - Kobe]

Is anybody out there?
It feels like I'm talkin to myself

No one seems to know my struggle
And everything I come from

Can anybody hear me?
It guess I keep talkin to myself

It feels like I'm going insane
Am I the one whose crazy?


Woah wah
Woah wah (oh oh oh oh oh)

Woah wah
Woah wah (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)

[Bridge - Eminem]

So why in the world do I feel so alone
Nobody but me, I'm on my own

Is there anyone out there
Who feels the way I feel

That there is then let me in and let me know I'm not the only one(?)

I went away I guess to open up some lanes
But there was no one who even knew what I was going through

Hatred was flowing through my veins
On the verge of going insane

I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne
It's like I was jealous of him cause the attention he was gettin'

I felt horrible about myself
He was spittin and I wasn't

Anyone who was buzzin back then coulda got it
Almost went at Kanye too

God it feels like I'm goin' psychotic
Thank god that I didn't do it

I would of had my ass handed to me
And I knew it but proof wasn't here to see me through it

Im in the booth poppin another pill tryna talk myself into it
Are you stupid? You gon' start dissin people for no reason?

Especially when you can't even write a decent punchline even
You're lying to yourself, you're slowly dying, you're denying

Your health is declinging with your self esteem, you're crying out for help
[Chorus - Kobe]

[Bridge - Eminem]


Marshall you're no longer the man, thats a bit of a pill to swallow
All I know is some wallowin(?), self-loathing and hollow

Bottoms up of pill bottle maybe I'll hit my bottom tomorrow

But I must be talkin to the wall though
I don't see nobody else (I guess I keep talkin to myself)

But all these other rappers suck is all that I know
I've turned into a hater, I've put up a false bravado

But Marshall is not a egomaniac thats not his motto
HE's not a desperado he's desperate its startin to bottle inside em

One foot on the brake one on the throttle
Fallin asleep with writers block in the parking lot of mcdonalds

But instead of feeling sorry for yourself do something about it
Admit you got a problem you brain is clouded you pouted long enough

It isn't them its you you fuckin baby
Quit worrying about what they do and do fuckin shady

I'm fucking going crazy
[Chorus - Kobe]

[Bridge - Eminem]


So I pick up myself off the ground and fuckin slam before I drown
Hit my bottom so hard I bounce twice suffice this time around

It's different them last two albums didn't count
Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing em out

I've come up to make it up to you no more fucking around
I've got something to prove to fans I feel like I let em down

So please accept my apology I finally feel like I'm back to normal
Let me formally reintroduce myself to you for those of you who dont know

The new mes back to the old me and homie I don't show no
Signs of slowin up, pullin up, blowin up, all over no mo

My life is no longer a movie but the shows aint over homos
I'm back with a vengeance homie weezy keep ya head up

TI keep ya head up, Kanye keep ya head up
Don't let up, keep slayin em

Rest in Peace to DJ AM
Cause I know what its like

I struggle with this shit every single day
[Chorus - Kobe]

[Bridge - Eminem]

[Thanks to Asd for these lyrics]
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