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Justin Bieber - Omaha Mall feat Ryan Good

Kenny Hamilton
tell him how it is
Okay. We gunna do this again,
the official version,
This aint none of that youtube stuff man

DJ Tay James.
WeknowtheDJ dot com
Shoutout to my homeboy JB
It's kenny mac, we gunna do this,
omaha mall 2010.
Lets show ya how we bout to get in

Hey Hey Lets go!
Omaha mall, omaha mall
You know that we ball at the omaha mall
omaha mall, omaha mall
You know that we ball at the omaha mall

Yeah I ball, omaha mall.
5 feet tall but i still do it all.
Yeah i get it in, get the benjamins.
Then i spend it all at the omaha mall.

yeah we're in a mall,mall.
we are doing it huge
We are spending cash,
looking for some sick shoes.
Yeah we're at the mall, mall.

Yeah we're in my world,world.
Yeah we got our shoes, and now
we're looking for some girls,girls.
omaha mall(mall), yeah this beat
rocks (rocks)
Now i'm rollin down the mall
tryin to find a g-shock.

Yo, theres some girls, they look
good from afar.
But you never know at the omaha mall
I've been to LA, New York, I've done
it all. But none of it compares to
the omaha mall. (Yes)

omaha mall, omaha mall,you know
that we ball at the omaha mall.
You know ima star. You know ima star.
You know that we ball at the omaha mall (x2)

You already know what it is.
WeknowtheDJ dot com DJ Tay James
Ry Good, tell him what it is shawty
omaha mall (ha) omaha mall
See how we ball at the omaha mall

now we're at the food court, trying
to get some sparro's. Hey there Justin
you got a dollar I can borrow? (ya i do)
Maybe get a burger, a sweet and sour
chicken, Now im walking out cause
it's so finger licking.

Hey girl we're ballin,
yeah girl we're ballin.
What did I just say, yeah
we're omaha mallin.
Shift my attention now im bout
to go to baby gap. Get my little
sister something maybe a sweet
baby gap cap.

Cap (x6) Ho!
Wait (x3) Hold on (x6) Hold on yo.
We might as well just go to Lids.
omaha mall, omaha mall. you know that
we ball at the omaha mall (x2)

Mall, mall, mall m m mall mall mall ball b b ball
Thanks to Amandaa! for correcting these lyrics
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