Lyrics for All Black Everything by THE DREAM

All Black Everything - Lyrics

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[Hook: (x8)]

[Chopped & Screwed voice:]
Black everything, black, black everything

[in the background]

Love ya babe, I just wanna love ya babe
Let me love ya babe, I just wanna love ya babe [x2]

[Verse 1:]

Get up in this bed
Come up out them clothes

Black Fendi curtains
Black marble on the floor

Baby let me watch it
Give me a show

Black lingerie (uhh)
Shawty get it on


Now come up out that black...hoody
Out them black...designer jeans

Out them black...shades
Come get it babe, come get it babe

Come up out my black...Jesus piece
My black...Audemars

It's black...everywhere we are
And you're the star (?)

[Hook: (x4)]

[in the background]
Not just the car, but everywhere we are [x2]

[Verse 2:]

You know I miss it
Girl you know I love it

Know I want to kiss it
I can't wait to hug it

Do you on to me on
Black suede, black fur

Lose you in the back seat
Black diamonds, black purse

And we so hood
Certified rock stars

Keep it looking good
Put it on my black card

And put a rub in the black style (?) and
Sweat the eyeliner out

Apply it again
Can't wait to get that black skirt up in my crib

Can't wait to get you out them.. heels
Ace of Spades sipping

This is how we live


[Hook: (x4)]

[Verse 3:]

Jet black hair
Falling down her back

All up on her Baby Phat like trains on a track
Imma hit it like crack

I'm feenin
She on the black roller coaster

Straight screaming
Lip singing on my microphone

Still got my fitted on

You should download this as your ringtone
Back to the black linen

H-h-h hell naw
Shawty I ain't finished

Y-y-y yell y'all
Riding it like a black Ducati

She in my ear like boy you got me

We Ace of Spades sipping

This is how we live


Not just the car, but everywhere we are
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