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Apple shampoo by Blink 182
she didn't mean to deceive you, believe me,
but sometimes the hardest part is conceiving,
the good intentions that you had,
now only came to this, and although she saw the mark,
the arrow missed, if it isn't exciting reciting the
stories, of kind of words turned hurting when
routine get boring, both gettin tired of punk rock clubs,
and both playing in punk rock bands, the start was
something good, but some good things must end,
and she said it could never survive, with such,
differing lives, one home one out on tour again, we may
never come back, the strike of a match, the candle's
burning at both ends, and now she knows to much, and
i'm too fucked up, it's akward trying to make my move,
i'll pretend that i'm fine, show up right on time,
but i know i'll never be that cool, i never wanted to
hold you back, i'm just trying to hold on, but my chance
is gone, i know/ just where/ i stand/ a boy, trapped in
the body of a man and, i'll take what you're willing to
give, and i'll teach myself to live, with a walk-on part
of a backround shot, from a movie i'm not in, she's so
important, and i'm so retarted, and now i realize, i
should have kissed you in L.A., but i drove home all
alone, as if i had a choice anyway, where are you coming
from ? what are you running from ? is it so hard to see ?
and if you're feeling scared, remember the time we shared,
you know it meant everything (everything), you know it
meant everything to me,you know that it meant everything to me
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