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Sargent baker started talking with a bullhorn in his hand,
He was cool, he was clear, he was always in command.

Iím always in command man!
Iím always in command even when Iím woozy, floozies,
Running into my room these,
Girls got flees, so I pass them off to Cousy.
Damnit its a doozy it be wallet in my holster
Tom not stopping til he is on a Tiger B poster.
Oh word, youíre rocking with 9th now?
Zip it!
Weíre bigger in Europe, than fish and chips and even cricket.
You wish that I would quit it,
And your ego's hurt,
Youíve got a right to your opinion like E-burts word.
Low blow, get it dizzown!
I took your frizzown, and turned it over with my sizzound
I took your gizzirl, she said she wanted my damn dick out.
All in her Hershey Hawkins and Moochy Norris her coochie forest ----Oh, yeah! Back off in it,
Flying through the game, like Hardy was playing Quidditch
They feature me and send it, and censor me when I'm spittin'
But Iím staying with green magic, provided by mister spinach.
Sargent baker started talking with a bullhorn in his hand,
That was pretty good!
He was cool, he was clear, he was always in command.
You guys liked that verse.
You really gonna dig this itís groovy.

I make a man like Curt Captain, We murk fastest
Bizerk rappin gets attraction from these squirt baskets,
You jerk bastards couldn't rap with my team,
The Academy geeks were undergrounder than burnt ashes,
Ahh, Ok Iím good at what I do,
Big ole' dent in my car it's from my little ladiesí shoe,
But I never make her blue like selsun weíre hot,
Melting all through the ice braking it, making it with my crew.
Yeah, In Carolina weíre super writers for Jamla.
Try and supervise us I'm confiscatin' your camera.
All my favorite rappers reside in Atlanta,
But Iím staying where I stay and I stay making these bangeras
Sargent Baker started talking with a bullhorn in his hand,
He was cool, he was clear, he was always in command.
This is really good.
The first two verses were good.

Holy shoot, Iím the truth and no need to polygraph it,
The music business is work with no room for lollygagging,
Unless she's part giraffe girl is gonna be probably gagging,
Two Betty Boops and me on a mattress its body sandwich,
Oh, no!
Tom and 9th are working,
Green face cheesecake baking in the oving.
That is not a word, but you know what I am talking about,
We run routes,no walking like Stephen Hawkin.
Alert the masses, its Hardy the Barbie fudger
Cause she donít wanna do it, sheís thinking Iím gonna judge her.
Always in command, Iím the man how I do it,
We planned it in high school,
Green magic coming through Bitch
Its Not Perfect But Thats The Gist Of It
By: Seth

Thanks to Seth X. for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Appatight for correcting these lyrics
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