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yeh hahaha, bizarre kid comin at you.
Eminem and fuzz, and mr swifty.
No ones iller than me,
No one no one is iller than me
No one is iller than me, its Mr. Swifty, from the 3-1-3

I make rappas wanna turn in sang'as
I keep hos lickin they fingas
Bring us competition and face this neena
Got your whole crew doin sapeenas
Hell naw you aint seen a crew genious
Murder whoevers between us
Pack yo heatas, keep it close you cant beat us
While your whole crew treat us like G's, U best believe us
I done made quadrapaleegics outta these non rappin rejects
While the whole world ejects your tape
It aint no secret that yo shit sounds fake
You cant stop it my mind state
makes it too late, for cops tryin to stop the crime rate
Im like a toothache, im painful to rappers and you can tell
from these shells how i got up in him like root canals
i erase all trails sumthin farther from gettin bail
makes you wanna kill an MC urself, you might as well
deeper than a 25 to life sentance only get trial
horrified then keep on frontin repentin n lose they biles
everything gets filed when swifts around they get by
Niggas dumb enough n try n front and escape high
ima take this yak aint drink it straight wild
niggas steady fallin in my face like milk crates blow
its swifty from the 313, like i said no ones iller than me
Me n Eminem N mike, drivin down Van DIke
Get my dick sucked late at night, by a fuckin tranvestite
Still on probation for stranglin my boy Jason
SHould be takin my medication, its 9-10 im facin
Last week this old man i had to blast
Cuz he tried to help me out when my car ran outta gas
Ripped this old lady hung her neck by a hook
Didnt realize it was my grandmother till i checked her pocket book
Fuckin wit the white boy got me back on crack
Bet theres a place where hell gets TVs and VCRs is at
I done lost a hundred pounds, i aint been eatin like i should
This wounded dog in the street is sure lookin good
Drop this lil boy on his fuckin paper route
Throwin bombs in daycare centers and yell "Everybody get out!"
My gurl beat my ass n shot me in the back wit a 2 peice
Cuz she found out i was havin an affair wit her 10 yr old neice
No one, No ones iller than me,its bizarre kid str8 from the 313
None one, no one is iller than me, its bizarre kid brother from the 313

slim shady
Nobody better test me, cuz i dont wanna get messy
especially, when i step beside this bitch then fresh meat
new lugs, give the crew hugs, guzzle 2 mugs
b4 i do drugs, that make me throw up like flu bugs
tru thugs, rugged unshaved messy scrubs
rippin 40 bottles lke the fuckin pepsi clubs
got in a fit, cracked open a 6
im on my seventh eightball now i gotta take a piss
im hollerin at hoes that got boyfriends, who gives a fuck who they was?
Im always takin sumone elses girl like Cool J does
they prolly dont be packin anyways do the fuz?,
we walked up stomped they asses n blew they buz
mics get sandblasted, stab ur abdomin wit a handcrafted
pocketknife then spill your an-acids
Sprayed ur muthafuckin crib up when i ran past it
Fuckin failin, head to hell in a hand basket
Talkin shit wil get you, ur gurl, and ur man blasted
Kidnapped then slapped in a van wrapped in seran plastic
Get yo damn ass kicked, by these fantastic
Furious four muthafuckas flashin in front uh yo face witout the grand masses
slim shady. aint nobody iller than me
Royce shit like an ass wit legs, massive lead to leave you cabage red
Similar to yo ass in a casket dead, drastic spread of acid heads
Comin towards you like a bassat egg, the trash you said
Got you standin on plastic legs, i asked the feds from past to ed
Rockin the most classic dreds, slashin bread
Roll down the window, bitch you got sum fantastic legs
You can get it till that ass get red
You can get it till that ass get red
Bizarre you get him n him, Swift you get him n him
Ill get him n him, leave the other 2 for my nigga eminem
Neva writers block, i block writers
my blocks tighter, ante up n get your top fighters
Got fired, for jumpin the counter with the mop stick
Some bitch ran up screamin "Get the cops quick"
And got drop kicked now she screamin stop it
Got clipse to stop shit, rock shit, grab this hot shit
Wherever you shop bitch, Fuz -Scoota 97 crock pit
Sick of u niggas lookin at me like i got tits
Ill shoot a rockter thru your optic
YOu niggas still dont know the top tic? I got bricks
Lose my foot in your ass n have you shittin socks bitch
P Rock shit, leave your fuckin knock split
Grab the green from Al by showin em hot grits

Aint nobody iller then me, its the mr fuzzy from the 313
No one no one is iller than me, its eminem and swift form the 313
No one no one is iller than me, its fuz and bizarre from the 313
YOu have now witnessed 4 ill MCs, from the home of potholes and trash, we'll
lyrically blast.
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