Lyrics for Beards Going Nowhere by The Protomen

Beards Going Nowhere - Lyrics

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In this city you hold on as tightly as you can
You don't take anything for truth
It's like walking on a razor's edge
and everything around is crumbling girl
you only have to look around for proof

When I was a young boy things were different
a man was allowed to be a man
I grew up too fast like I was racing with the devil
I've felt the blade so many times
Emily Girl won't you take my hand
and we'll ride

Across the barren face of this desert road
Baby you set my wheels on fire
I'll rev my engine till the sound is just deafening
Emily baby I promise you
We'll make it out of this wasteland
I know you worry the way thing will turn out
it seems this city doesn't love the man with a beard
they say a man has to give up the very thing he loves here
But I will not live like that
i will not live in fear.

I will not let them take it from me no matter how hard they'll try
Most men, when they have a knife to their chin
they find they'd rather give up than die
So many faces bare
So many faces so cold
just hold on to me
We can weather the night behind my whiskers girl
we can get out of town before we both get too old
and we'll ride

and when the engine gives out we won't worry
we know how we'll get by
We'll catch the wind with the hairs on my chin
and then baby we'll take to the sky
we'll say hello to the angels in heaven (sup girl)
and then we'll pass heaven by
we've got better things to do with our time
then shave our faces and die
Don't give up
Don't give in
Without a beard you know you'll never win

But girl Its time for me to go
Where only a man can go
My heart is on fire and if I don't feed it fast
it'll just burn up and fade
I love you girl you've got to know that
You'll be so proud of me
You'll watch me hop on my pegasus, girl
10000 angels singing for me
as I ride my pegasus through the city
to the edge of the city
and then out of the city and into the fields
Fields thick and strong like the beard that I'll grow
you'll watch as I ride through the night
You'll see, I'll set the night on fire with
my burning heart and my glorious man beard
And everyone will love me and I'll be a man
I'll finally be a man.
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