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Where Iím at- Eminem solo
Yea, you got me.
Iím up now
Itís your loss. Suffer to you
History is like a point of no delay
It keeps repeating itself
But What else can i say ?
You wondering why i act
This way?
I never should have gave you
The time of day,
I guess you know what time
It is now ayy ?

There must have bin a gust of wind,
Cuz you changed your mind everytime it blows,
And you just changed it a maafuckin again
You just said just wanted some dick before
I stuck it in, i wouldnít have bin such a prick to you,
Fucking men.
You say you donít trust em, why do i hear the sound of toilets
Flushing, some shit is going down; you must have
Just not bin truthful from the start, see for me it would be
Nothing to say you never had my heart
But i would be lying.

Fucking, see why they call this bullshit a relationship,
Cuz ships sink and you know itís love soon as you fall
In it; cuz shit stinks and it feels like everytime i fucking
I do i get jinxed; cupid must have put a CURSE on me.
Six weeks have went by, and we only spoke twice; im sitting
In your driveway, calling you from the car, suffice, i think itís safe to
Say that your not at home. Im calling your cellphone, you answer
But i can tell though that ya not alone.

How was i to know, it should have bin time to go a long time ago
I kept holding on; itís comical when i think back now, why couldnít i
Get the hint it feel the draft you were throwin but i wasnít catchin
Ya drift.
But there is a cold breeze blowin over me, im over you; success is the best

Revenge to pay you back and that payment is overdue, i overcame odds to
Get even, the sober me is shittin all over the unsober you; & i hope they
Play this in all you going into. Im haunting you bitch, everywhere turn
Im fallowing you; cuz i loved you with every ounce of me.
You know itís true.
Itís killing you now, yea i hope the hoe dies slow in you
Itís cuz of you now i donít trust em at all. Fuck the middle finger
Up, im gonna keep grabbing my balls ... cup em , iíll never fall again
I trip on stairs i fall up on em. So buttercup donít try and come back
Knocking on my door or dolled up. . .

Cuz im moving on donít worry about me, cuz ima be just fine without ya
youíll see.
There aint no one on this earth right now i much rather be, cuz god damnit
iím glad that
Im me. .. i said if you could be where iím at
Youíd wanna be you too
(iím living without ya)
If you felt the way i feel, i bet youíd be
In as good as a mood as i am.
But you donít cuz you just feel like you.
I said if you could be where iím at.
Youíd wanna be you too
(iím living without ya)
If you felt the way i feel, i bet youíd be
In as good as a mood as i am.
But you donít cuz you just feel like you.

Angel Pincott Qui√Īones
(√Āngel S√°grado)
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