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Creatures lie here - Lyrics

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Monster, How should i feel?
Creatures lie hers
looking through the window. (x2)
From the king of the south
To the king of the states
Riding in a car you´ve probably
Never seen in the states
No idea how much yay
I can bring in the states
Hey you got a hundred on ´em
For a million a day
Frank Lucas ain´t the only one
To make a million day
But it´s a American gangsta
Right here in your face
And you don´t want to see P$C
On the scene with a K
You think you running up and robbing
But that ain´t even the case
And just because you got away
Don´t mean it´s okay
You a dead man walking and
I mean it okay
Gonna take that other couple mil´ and
Put it back in the safe
Five cash for the crib on the
Back of the lake
I´m up in crucial two-stepping with the
GAT in the waist
TI ain´t in the street no mo´, fo´-fo´
Is that what they say
Don´t even try when you see him boy
You have to be great
Cause this pistol hit you in your face
You´ll teeth they´ll have to replace
Monster, How should i feel?
Creatures lie here
looking through the window. (x2)
[Kanye West]
They say your attitide determines
Your latitude
I´m high as a mother fucker
Fly as a mother fucker
And still the mother fucker you love to
But can´t because
You love what i make
Now ain´t that about a bitch
I´mma talk shit until i´m out of hits
They don´t wanna turn they sneakers up
They claim i ain´t deep enough
All that talking i keep off of, keep it up
I´m relaxin´, my feet is up
I´m leaving you haters like when
Shaq left the lakers just to heat it up
I state the stats to stunt, I don´t need to
There black history every day
I don´t need a month
The survey says by the streets accordin´
Kanye´s just as important as
Michael Jordan
Was to the NBA when he was scorin´
Ralph Lauren was borin´ before
I wore him and...
Monster, How should i feel?
Creatures lie here
looking through the window. (x2)
Schizophrenia, how many of ya got it
How many mother fuckers
Can say they psychotic
How many mother fuckers
Can say they brain dry-rotted from pot
You got it like i got it or not
If you did, you would know just what
I´m talkin bout
When your tongue´s rottin out
From cotton-mouth
When you end up becomin so
Dependent on weed
That you end up spendin a ´´G´´
In the vending machine
You got the munchies, look at you
Junk food junkie
Potato chips and lunch meat up
In the front seat
Sometimes you can get so
Paranoid from ganja
That´s it gotcha thinkin the whole world
Is watchin ya
Or maybe you don´t smoke
Maybe you just roll
But Whatever your drug´s yo
Go for the gusto
Just don´t, come fuck with me when
I´m doin my drugs
You see me in the club don´t come
Fuckin my high up
Monster, How should i feel?
Creatures lie here
looking through the window. (x2)

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