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Everybody in Cali
Good morning
Ny the DMV area
Good afternoon
Everybody out in London Etc...
Good Evening

So before I say
I'm Jae
I just wanna
I just wanna - Bring u up to date
I been writing for years
Mostly poetry
I'm inspired by people my fears woman and most of me
I put it in songs
What happened
With people close to me
I feel when I'm lost
I find myself in the dopest beats
My mothers name is robin
She had me in new york
Bronx lebanon I was 9 pounds 9 ounces
The date was december 8th
Year 1987
Follow my progression
After my conception
I was born in New York
Raised in the bronx
Moved to VA
Moved back and forth
Both places are special
I could never choose
That's the reason that I rep 2
Both places played a major part in shaping my mind
I am who I am today mainly because of my time
Spent there
So yea
Hi I'm
Hi I'm

Before I introduce myself by name
Let me introduce my loses my gains
An offset was when I was walking
A guy started shooting
I felt my upper arm hit
Wrong place at the wrong time for walking
He aint want me tho I wasn't really his target
Lil graze
Wasn't much
Got on my way
After a quick fix up
I started moving Qp's
Breaking down pounds of weed
I got what you need no big stuff
I got my jaw broke
Stayed me but then
I sorda stayed to myself and I owned 2 guns
Became suicidal
Wanted to kill the guy who
Basically disrespected me
Right in front of my high school
Counseling didn't help me out
Pill popping in large amounts
Was supposed to kill me
But it didn't so hear me
I was born In New York
Raised in the Bronx
Moved to VA
Moved back and forth
Both places are special
I could never choose
That's the reason that I rep 2
Tried to take my life away
After wanting to take his
Before I introduce myself
I just wanted to state this
Hi I'm
Hi I'm
Hi I'm
Hi I'm

It's still a lil more to know
Obviously I spit you
See I gotta flow
Ralph hooked me up with villain
He the reason I record yo
Me and him clicked
Ralph my brother
Vill the bay bro
I drink occasionally but I don't smoke
If you offer me weed I'm a say no
I like chicken wings
Macaroni and cheese
I can cook and I read
I just got
A library card
A few months ago
I listen to different music
John mayer and plies are dope
I take baths then I shower
Lotion and I powder
I don't have a girlfriend yet
I haven't found her
I like to sing even tho I can't
I put 2 tracks on here and I'm singing
Play em loud as you can
I don't want to be famous but I want people to know me
I want to work with pharrell
I feel that he got some dope beats
I don't wear BBC it's cool but I don't buy none
Suhreal.com Drastiktactiks.com
That's all you may see me in
Or a white T
Not into sports or X Box
Every game you can beat me in and if I'm with a girl
I'm not necessarily beating it son,
Most things I do are unnecessarily done
Except songs
I record and all
It's more to me but for now
I guess all you should know is
I was born in NY
Raised in VA
Tried to kill myself but I survived and each day
That I'm still alive I record more and more
I always put my all only in each and every song
My sense of humor crazy
My vocals are amazing
Ok I can't sing so what tho I'm a G (chuckle )
Hi I'm,
Hi I'm Jae
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